Clubs, publications, student government, performing arts, athletics, membership in the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, and other activities are part of the comprehensive program of Oak Park High School. Participation in these groups and activities is a privilege provided by your teachers, advisers, and coaches to help you grow socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. While these activities happen outside the classroom, they are a key part of the OPHS mission to promote healthy involvement and opportunities for growth and success. The code is in place and enforceable year-round.


Students must have a 2.0 grade point average to participate in co-curricular activities. Grade point is based upon previous semester grades in all courses, including 8th grade for 9th grade participation. Athletes must maintain a 2.0 each quarter to remain eligible, in accordance with CIF rules.


Students who engage in these co-curricular activities become representatives of Oak Park High School in the public eye. This means you will be expected to conduct yourself honorably at all times, both on and off campus. You will be expected to observe all school rules, team rules, and coaches expectations as well as the guidelines of polite social behavior and good sportsmanship on the court and playing field. Students who are unable to maintain a high standard of behavior will be subject to removal from the team or activity, according to, but not limited to, the following guidelines:

- Suspension from school will result in removal from co-curricular activities, including practice, for the period of suspension and may result in removal from the activities beyond the period of suspension.
Severe rule violations - such as vandalism, theft, possession of weapons, verbal abuse of other students or adults, unprovoked assault, and habitual violations of school rules - students are subject to immediate removal from all activities for up to one calendar year from the date of incident.

- For incidents of rude, inappropriate or unsportsmanlike conduct, the student will- 1st offense) receive warning and appropriate consequence. 2nd offense) be suspended from game(s) or activity (practice is allowed). 3rd offense) be suspended from the activity or sport up to and including for the remainder of the season or the year, depending on severity of offense.

- For incidents involving the use of tobacco or tobacco products INCLUDING VAPING, the student will be suspended from THE ENTIRE SEASON immediately and be subject to school suspension under school discipline rules. 

- For incidents involving the use of alcohol or other illegal drugs, the penalties will be more severe. 1) The first-time offender will be subject to the fullest extent of school discipline if the incident occurs during the school day, going to or from school or the activity, or during the school-sponsored activity. 2) In addition, first-time offenders will also be subject to suspension from their team or activity for no less than 25% of the season or year. They would be still be required to participate in all practices. This includes offenses that occur off campus and outside the school day, including nights and weekends, in or out of the season of sport or activity. 3) Second-time substance use offenders will be subject to the fullest extent of school discipline including expulsion. They will also be removed from their team or activity for the remainder of the year and will forfeit their privilege of participation in all co-curricular activities for one calendar year, even if the offense occurs off campus and outside the school day.

- Being arrested or cited for any misdemeanor or felony at school or in the community by a participant may be grounds for removal from the activity.

Representatives of Oak Park High School—our leaders, club members, performing artists, athletes—are expected to pursue healthy lifestyles and to resist the peer pressure that may lead to illegal or dangerous acts. Failure to make good decisions in the areas enumerated above will be grounds for revocation of the privilege of participation.

Team Policy