- Victoria Cue 18' playing at California State University Northridge

- Courtney Ahdoot 17' playing at St Mary’s University in San Antonio - 2018 Chapman University

- Allyson Spooner 17' playing at California State University San Marcos

- Julia Gilliam 16' playing at Indiana University
- Jordyn Bradbury 16' playing at Chapman College
- Hannah Adler 16' playing at Denver University
- Sarah Howard 16' playing at Lewis and Clark.
- Brittany VonSchneidau 15' playing at University of Texas at San Antonio
- Lauren Bay 15' playing at Redlands University
- Devon Medina 15' playing at Pacific University
- Katherine Kim 15' playing at Occidental College
- Nicolette Herdegen 13' played at George Mason University
- Erica Kim 10' played at Clemson

- Stephanie Gilbert 10' playing at UCSD
- Lauren Kawamoto 09' played at Santa Clara

OPHS Team Awards

MVP Defense

This is the most coveted award a defensive team member can earn. The Most Valuable Defensive Player award goes to the person who is the best defensive player on the team. It can be any defender, midfielder or goalie. She is the contributing factor to the success of the defense.

MVP Offense

This is the most coveted award an offensive team member can earn. The Most Valuable Offensive Player award goes to the person who is the best offensive player on the team. She does not have to be leading the team in goals; rather she is the one who contributes the most to the offensive attack with passing, dribbling, shooting and strategy.

MVP Overall

This is the most coveted award a Varsity team member can earn. The Most Valuable Player award goes to the person who is the best all-around player on the team. Sometimes they play several positions but are always the heartbeat of the team.

Impact Player of The Year

This award is given to the player whose mere presence in the game can change the tenor, pace or outcome of the match. Their desire, commitment and play effects a positive change on the balance of the team and is often the difference between winning and losing.

Rookie Of The Year

This award goes to the best first-year player without regard to school year. She can be a great offensive producer or a stalwart defender. This Athlete has unlimited potential for her future in the program.

Most Improved

A Most Improved Player starts out with fewer skills and less confidence than the rest of her teammates. And daily she continues to prove that she can not only learn the skills, but on occasion even outperform the best players on the team.

Coaches Award

This is given to the player who during practices is not only one of the hardest-working but has a good work ethic that radiates through the team. During practices she stays focused, always respects her coaches and teammates. This person's positive attitude and outlook inspires everyone to perform better, which makes the team better.

Spirit Award

This Athlete, despite any injuries or amount of play time, continues to give 100% to her team in practices and support. She exhibits personal responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship, fairness and best represents the Spirit of the Game

Eagle Award

This Varsity Athlete represents her school and her team with the utmost respect and sportsmanship. She exemplifies everything Oak Park High School stands for and is a great motivator and role model. She is the player every coach wants and she has a heart of gold and always puts her team first.

OPHS Alumni playing college soccer